Our 90 day invite-only accelerator helps you build a $20K+ per month digital agency while working less than 20 hours per week.

Our accelerator program has generated $1,000,000+ in revenue for freelancers & agencies from around the world...

...while helping them spend less time workingmore time travelingmore time with loved ones and more time living a balanced, fulfilling life


Below are some of the most common problems we help our accelerator users solve. Sound like you? See if you qualify for an interview below.

  • Spending 95% of your time on low-value client work & project management and barely a few hours per week actually growing your business

  • Inconsistent leadgen, sales and monthly revenue due to ineffective marketing and sales processes resulting in burnout, stress and grey hairs

  • Stuck with low quality leads and low-paying clients due to your inability to clearly articulate your positioning and value in the market

  • No idea how to hire or how to document core systems and processes in order to outsource low-value, repetitive work and scale

  • No clearly defined 90-day strategy or daily structure to ensure that your time is productive and helping you reach your business and lifestyle goals

  • Haven't taken a day off, gotten a massage (!?!?) or gone out with family and friends in months #livingthedream

Our founder and creator of the Accelerator program Matt Kohn shares a Masterclass training with Chris the Freelancer's YouTube channel: the world's largest channel for digital nomads

Matt Inglot of Freelance Transformation Podcast interviews our founder Matt Kohn about how to make the transition from freelancer to agency

Our Accelerator product launch was one of Thinkific's most successful to date: Thinkific is the world's #1 online course platform, home to 25,000+ online training programs for entrepreneurs

Different Hunger featured in this article on Inc. Magazine sharing how we have helped entrepreneurs optimize their time in order to rapidly scale their businesses

Allow us to introduce you to some friends we have helped...

Why would I recommend this program?


Hmmm... Where the **** do I start?


Just follow this program and you will make a lot more money, it's really that simple. More importantly, this program will help you become the best version of yourself.


Without any woo-woo bullshit."

Matt Hearnden

Agency Owner & Sales Consultant

Englightened Entrepreneur

Application Process

We only accept applicants if we we can guarantee a 3X ROI within 90 days. Our current success rate is 82%.


1. Submit your application and schedule your interview call below.


2. Your application enters a strict review process.


3. If approved we will host our interview call to determine if you're a good fit for the program. If rejected we will notify you via email.

Applicant Requirements

  • You have a $2,000+ average monthly revenue from the previous 90 days

  • You are willing to commit several hours per week to implement 90 days

  • You are open to hiring and leading your dream team

  • You are coachable and willing to refine your business model

  • You are hungry to grow for reasons greater than money and unwilling to settle at your current income level

Accelerator Training Curriculum

Our system for building and automating the operations of a $20,000+ per month agency within 90 days has been proven time and time again across agencies of all niches. Our comprehensive training covers everything from branding and positioning to marketing and sales to operations and hiring.


What makes us different and what has allowed us to create life-changing transformations for our users is our unique anti-hustle approach...


We focus on helping you optimize your time in order to optimize your revenue. We help you eliminate and delegate all low value work that prevent growth, in order to help you spend more time on revenue and income-generating activities.


This innovative approach results in two desirable outcomes for hungry entrepreneurs: financial and time freedom.

  • MODULE 1

    Clarify your vision $5,000+ value

    During this stage we help you define the gap between where you are and where you want to go to define your 90 day goals.


    • Business audit worksheet $2,000+ value
    • Mindset & daily routines $Priceless$
    • 90 & 365 day vision $3,000+ value
  • MODULE 2

    Find your blue ocean $7,000+ Value

    Define your competitive edge and differentiated positioning to demand premium prices while making the competition irrelevant. We will help you define three retainer packages starting at $2,000+ monthly.


    • Blue ocean strategy training $1,000+ Value
    • Niche definition worksheet $1,000+ Value
    • Customer avatar worksheet $2,000+ Value
    • Packaging & pricing worksheet $5,000+ Value
  • MODULE 3

    Learn to sell anything $7,000+ Value

    Boost confidence and conversion rates with a clearly defined, effective sales process that leaves prospects begging to buy without being sleazy or salesy.


    • Sales mindset training $2,000+ Value
    • $22,500 sales script $5,000+ Value
  • MODULE 4

    Generate leads on demand $22,000+ value

    Generate quick results from your current network without spending a dollar on ads. After that we'll help you develop your prospecting strategies on additional channels like social media, cold email and gig platforms like Upwork and Angel List.


    • Referral machine training & scripts $5,000+ Value
    • Proven cold email scripts $2,000+ Value
    • Hacking Upwork & Angel List $5,000+ Value
    • Marketing & sales scorecard $10,000+ Value
  • MODULE 5

    Systems, scaling and hiring $9,000+ value

    Build your core systems and processes so that you can start automating repetitive operational and low-value tasks in your business through technology and hiring.


    • Systems template library $1,000+ Value
    • How to hire your first VA or Project Manager $5,000+ Value
    • Software & tech walkthrough $2,000+ Value
    • Automation walkthrough $1,000+ Value

Accelerator support system

  • On-demand implementation support

    You get complimentary access for 90 days to our Empires membership Slack channel for ongoing mentorship and support

  • Lifetime access to training materials

    Convenient access to all training materials and resources from your member portal

  • Accountability (zero slacking allowed) 

    Your mentors and fellow users will hold you accountable to implementing all training

Working more is not the answer.

(This graphic illustrates how half your day can be nearly twice as valuable as a full day based on the types of tasks you are working on.)

Becoming more valuable is.

If you are working around the clock and still aren’t making at least $10,000 per month with your business...the harsh truth is that most of what you’re doing isn’t adding value to your business.

However, the fact is that if you’re consistently generating several thousand dollars per month, you already have the talent to build a 6+ figure business...


But most of the time, as you already know, relying on talent isn't enough. You need to change the way you operate to start operating like a business owner, not a freelancer.

The people who make massive incomes and also have tons of free time and freedom are the ones that pack the little time they do spend working with tons and tons of value.


They may only work 4 hours a day... but in those 4 hours they accomplish more than most entrepreneurs do in an entire week.


They don’t work harder. They work smarter. Simply put, they do the right things.

So what are the right things? The right things are things that create leverage.

Things that create leverage create either more money, time, or both.


Check out the graphic for an illustration of this concept.