"I'm excited about the person I'm going to become inside this community."

  • Edwin Ho, Empires Founding Member #09

    Digital Marketing Freelancer based in SoCal

Community membership program for hungry, talented freelancers & agencies.

(Because building your empire is not a one man job)

On-demand mentorship for freelancers & agencies


We know how hard it is to build a business if you've never done it before...


Despite what all those entrepreneur IG #influencers post from their shiny cars and jets, this journey is not as easy as they make it look...


But surrounding yourself with people smarter, hungrier and more ambitious than you?


That's one massive step in the right direction towards growth, personally and professionally.







Member benefits

On-demand hiring support & mentorship from real entrepreneurs that have built 6-8 figure companies and agencies


Save $5,000+ annually in member discounts on DH products, services and partner software


Remote contracts & job listings from and for group members


Non-douchey, supportive community committed to your growth, not to stroking our own egos :)

The entrepreneur struggle is real, and facing it alone sucks. That's why we created Empires.

Why he joined Empires


To help me learn how to get more sales before building my team.


What drives him


To do work I love, build a business that can run without me doing all the work in order to live a more balanced, happier life.


How he's going to celebrate when he smashes his goals with Empires


Euro-trip with my parents, wife and brother!

Keyur L

Freelance Chatbot Marketer

Based in India

Why she joined Empires


To consistently generate leads and clients while managing a balance between delivery and business development.


What drives her


To live life on my terms and do work that deeply matters to me (without stressing over time or money).


How she's going to celebrate when he smashes his goals with Empires


Fly to MedellĂ­n and celebrate with chicharron!


Freelance Brand Strategist

Based in Paris

Why he joined Empires


To learn how to build a fat pipeline of high-quality prospects


What drives him


To move out of my parents house and provide for my amazing girlfriend.


How she's going to celebrate when he smashes his goals with Empires


"Take my girlfriend to a fancy ass dinner, fix my car and smoke some bud."

Josh Peipmeier

Freelance Digital Marketer

Based in Brooklyn, NY

Why he joined Empires


To learn how to quickly grow my side-hustle agency to replace my income.


What drives him


"I want to only take on the work that I love and fully leverage the independent lifestyle I want for myself and my family."


How she's going to celebrate when he smashes his goals with Empires


Take my wife and baby on an extravagant week-long vacation.

James Sowers

Cust. Exp. Agency Owner Based in Cleveland, Ohio

Why he joined Empires


To learn how to get more clients as a freelancer.


What drives him


I want to travel, visit new countries and buy some design and editing equipment to improve my work.


How he's going to celebrate when he smashes his goals with Empires


"I'll fly from India to Medellin and party ******* hard with Matt & others"

Kartikai Sharma

Freelance Designer

Based in India

Why he joined Empires


To learn how to remove myself from the daily operations to build a team and stop doing everything myself.


What drives him


Building a wealth-creating asset that will improve my quality of life.


How he's going to celebrate when he smashes his goals with Empires


"Take the family to Disney World! (Seriously, my wife has never been)

Reade Milner

Marketing Agency Owner

Based in Atlanta, GA

Why he joined Empires


To learn how to automate my lead generation and sales processes.


What drives him


To move to Europe and focus on growing my business.


How he's going to celebrate when he smashes his goals with Empires


Take a full month off.

Rodrigo Flamenco

Animation Studio Owner

Based in Delaware

Why he joined Empires


To develop my core systems and processes in order to hire more people and then scale up sales.


What drives him


Moving out of my mom's house and having a better quality of life.


How he's going to celebrate when he smashes his goals with Empires


Have an amazing wedding and take an epic vacation.

MJ Tullo

Freelance Digital Marketer Based in Toronto, Canada

What makes Empires different better

  • Community accountability. Every member is here to support you with whatever you need... we host accountability challenges weekly to ensure you're making progress.

  • Community events to surround yourself with winners, both online & offline. We host quarterly and annual events and retreats around the world, from Brooklyn to Medellin and beyond.

  • On-demand mentorship to hire and scale, whether you're a hustling freelancer or managing your own agency team. Our mentors and proven strategies have helped us generate $20M+ in revenue for previous clients. You get access to mentors on-demand without the big consulting fees.

  • Business growth without destroying quality of life. We help you build, scale and automate your business, in order to scale quality of life. We're here to help you have more time and money to spend on doing what you really love to do.

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On-demand mentorship. Get all your questions answered within 24-48 hours

Access to 7-14 day accountability challenges. Earn rewards for being consistent, get publicly punished for inconsistency (works even better than it sounds)

2x live trainings per month. Learn how to efficiently build your agency's dream team and scale

Access to hungry, quality freelancers. Start hiring confidently (and profitably) so you can stop worrying about your quality of work suffering

Access to the Empires partner program. Build predictability and MRR into your agency with our white-labeling program.

Save $1,000+ on agency Mastermind tickets to attend our next retreat event in Colombia

Membership bonuses & discounts on DH products, services and partner software for your digital agencies


Founding Member


+ Lifetime access to Empires

+ 50% referral commissions

+ Access to unreleased products & training 



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